Section I: Grant Information
  Requested Funding Amount:
  Type of Grant:
  Brief narrative of the purpose of this grant:
  Percentage of the total cost of this project is being requested from the Parks Foundation?
Section II: Organization Information
  Are you a 501c3 organization?
  Web Site:
Section III: Contact Information
  Fax Number
  Is the Contact Person a volunteer or compensated individual?
  Amount of Compensation:
Section IV: General Information  
  Have you previously applied to the Parks Foundation for a grant?
  Were you funded?
  What year were you funded?
  What was the amount of your grant award?
  Name of Project Funded (if any):
Section V: Organizational Profile Statistics  
  Total Number of Employees:
  Paid Full Time Employees:
  Paid Part Time Employees:
  Total Number of Volunteers:
  Please provide a brief description of the mission of your organization:
  Please provide a brief history of your organization:
  Please provide a brief description of your organization's programs for the most recent year:

List Other Sources of Support and/or Funding:

(Provide name; year funded and amount. Use one line for each source) :

If applicable, how many animals would be directly served by this grant?

  For the period of Jan 1 - Dec 31 of last year, list the number of animals (all species) that were  
  Adopted Out:
  Residents (>1 year)
  Educational/Non Adoptable
  Returned to Owner
  Released (Feral Cats):
  Provide the following income/expense numbers for the previous year. Please indicate whether it is calendar or fiscal year, and specify the year.  
  Gross Income
  Program Service Expenses
  Management and General Expenses
  Fundraising Expenses