Grants may be made to organizational or institutional projects, grassroots activities, or academic studies that promise to advance animal welfare.

Grants will NOT be awarded to improve animal health, to provide for spay/neuter assistance, to save endangered species, to rehabilitate wildlife, to conserve/protect wild animal populations or to support political candidates. Municipalities and municipal agencies are not eligible.

Organizations applying for a grant MUST be recognized as a 501c(3) entity.

Organizations must be prepared to be accountable for the use of grant monies (if awarded). By June 1, at the end of the award period, the grantee must submit a report showing specifically how the funds were spent (notification of when the report is due will be sent). The grantee should provide evidence of accomplishment for the funded project (receipt copies, etc). Any changes in expenditure that were not in the original application must be noted. Failure to submit this report (when notified) will jeopardize possible future funding.